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04-20-2008, 10:34 AM
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Shootout question...(Refs help?)

shooter came in, made a shot and was almost on top of the goalie...the goalie was pretty deep in the net and the puck was under him somewhere.
The ref blew the whistle and said no goal, then when the goalie got up, the puck's in the net and so the ref changed his mind and said it's a goal.

Mistake should be that the ref ALREADY blew the whistle and said no goal, he should have checked before he made his decision. And he then went back on his decision after the goalie got up (although in this case, the puck was in the net, you could argue that it's because he moved).

What rule in the IIHF rule book can we consult to overturn the decision (it cost us the game). Any help would be great...thanks.

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