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04-20-2008, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
in many situations, the association that is providing the officials will also have an evaluation form available. contact your officiating body for this form.
Your association lets teams evaluate officials? If I understand that correctly, that is not right.

As for the situation, the referee should have waited until the goaltender stood up to reveal the puck's location before signaling. However, if the puck was under the goaltender, in the net as a result of the shot, he made the right call by allowing the goal. In the end, getting it right is what it is all about, whether or not the procedure was correct.

In my experience dealing with such issues, when a team starts complaining about the procedures the officials use, they know deep down the call made in the end was right.

My question for Pangolin, is if you're in Canada, why are you asking about the IIHF Rulebook? Even if you play recreational hockey, I've never heard of a rec league not using the Hockey Canada rulebook.

Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Just wait for the referee to go down the ice before the goalie stand up. Besides, it's the job of the linesman to retrieve the puck, not the referee.
Speaking as an official, if I'm the referee, I'm not moving until I see where the puck is, whether or not I **** up my procedure.

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