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04-20-2008, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
Here are the instructions courtesy "Moogy" , Team USA Womens World Champions; 2000 was the year, I think....

1/2" DIA. PVC pipe : Consider each rung width about 4" more than your foot length.
and the number of rungs you wish to have. Each rung will be adjustable as far as box size. This facilitates different pattern concepts.

1/4" braided nylon rope : Consider the total number of feet you will need to complete the "cuircut" of the ladder. Just considering a length of 8 feet....16feet for sides. Wanting rung ever 12" , 9 rungs at 16" is another 24 feet. You will also need 12 feet of the PVC pipe. given these measures. always a good idea to get an extra foot or so. You may also damage the PVC rungs unless you go with a heavy grade PVC. You may want to have a short section left over for repairs.

For outdoor use add 8 tent stakes for each corner and sides. The one thing I notice about this ladder is that it just doesnt look right with out the classic "duct tape". You can also make the "four square" box in this fashion. I like that they dont allow you to cheat. Unlike flat ladders, these let you know when you miss. On that flip side, you can also fall... In turn it encourages the user to shoot for precision in the step rather than speed. Correct over fast....only go as fast as you can correctly execute.

As for the others...your a student, any long flights of stairs in your daily routine. If not COULD there be? Steps present a very benefitial routine. Even those such as a curb. Walking normal, you will normally confront a first step with your "master" leg. By alternating the foot you use for that first step, you are working on your goalie skills. You can also adjust taking two stairs with your "passive" leg to one for the "master". Thats just one example. Doing desk work? take a minute or so from time to time to focus your eyes repeatedly between something with in arms reach(or closer) and something a few feet away. No head turn needed. Increase the distance betwen your focal objects for added benefit....that one might get you some strange looks if caught doing in public but your working on your goalie skills.

Thank you very much! I have quite a bit of PVC pipe around my house. I can get rope pretty easily. I'm trying to get what your telling me. Try to focus on two things, one close, one farther away?

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