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04-21-2008, 02:39 AM
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"First of all, I would want, by means of this item, try to convince you to continue to believe to the end. Since yesterday, the panic sowed Montreal, the Boston Bruins became the big favorite one in the heart of several supporters. Is this by the fear to lose? In being afraid to lose, are we not, as supporters and supporters, on the way to abandon without even to have tried? Think there. You want that the team of the Canadians of Montreal gives their maximum of efforts and that they play with pride, isn't that right? Then, we have to be the example ourselves! This fine decisive game plays Montreal itself, in front of us! For all those that already have shame of their team and are ready carry or unhook all what is Canadians, be ashamed of yourself! If you really want whats good of the team, bear them until the last second! You do not lose anything. If they win, you will be able to say that you bore the same team when no one believed again. If they lose, you could say that you are in the minority that has nothing to criticize itself, which several cannot assert."

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