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What will you do to help the Habs win tonight (superstitions)

I know that what some fat guy does miles away from the Bell Centre has no real impact on the game, but I can't help but think that my little routines, might have some impact on the game in some removed way or another.

I am going to wear my Lyle Odelein jersey. I spilled beer on it during game 2 and haven't worn it since due to a nice stain (yes, I do laundry that rarely). It's making a return tonight with my Begin T-shirt underneath. This clothing combination has a stellar record of 2-0 so far this playoffs. The power of two such warriors combined cannot fail in improving the Habs' chances tonight.

Most important of all, I will watch the game with my Guitar Hero guitar around my neck. This was how I watched the first 5 minutes of game one (I had to play to kill time because I was going crazy and got the hockey game on just in time.) It was only after A Kost's goal that I realized I had the guitar in my hand. I had forgotten about this in all of the hysteria that has happened post game, but I can't help but think that in some way, watching game 7 tonight with my Guitar Hero guitar in place will bring the Habs back to their glorious form of early in Game 1.

I remembered something else. I'm going to rewatch the Desjardins hattrick game from the 1993 finals. I did that on the night of the first game and it worked well.

The question is, how are you going to help the Habs tonight? Let's hear your plan.

Edit: Going to keep a running list of our contributions here (Hey, it kills time)


Guy Carbonneau (the human, not a poster): HOPEFULLY, HE WILL WEAR THE UGLY TIE AGAIN!!!
Lyle Odelein: Wear Odelein jersey, Begin T-shirt and watch the game with a Guitar Hero controller around his neck. Watch tape of Game#2 from 1993 cup finals.
crazyshea: Pulverize a small rabbit with his car. Kill larger animals (Bald eagle?).
Jeffonfire: Don't watch the game at home. La Cage?
GoHabsGo20: Fly a flag on his car and at home.
Charley_5054: Wear the vintage white Richard Jersey and a plain white jersey (15-0 combo this year!!). Eat a Delissio Deluxe pizza for supper as well.
FinnoHab: Wear a white shirt with a blue and red pattern on it to work and a red necktie. At the gym, only do sets of 6, 8, and 11 to honour Kosto, Komi and Koivu. Also, swat a mosquito... Dead.
Memo Gonzales: Wear a white Koivu jersey.
TheDamned: Keep flag on the car. Wear RBK Kovalev jersey. Light up the candle (how romantic).
Habs514: Wear his jersey.
WeThreeKings: Sport the lucky Habs T-Shirt. No longer draping the Higgins jersey on the chair. Listen to Avrigus' "The Grail" before every period.
Crusher20: Um, he's do whatever it was you did involving a Habs sign. Couldn't really gather quite what. Godspeed Crusher!!!
NHLcrazy: Don the undefeated Kovy T-Shirt. Use the Ovechkin magic avatar.
Blind Gardien: Do nothing, as a result of previous superstitions failing.
tcooke: Sacrifice academics to see the game by writing a 3 hour exam in less than an hour.
Qui Gon Dave: Wear the authentic Kovalev jersey and navy long sleeved Habs shirt.
Ra: Will Poison the Bruins. Kidnap Tim Thomas' kids. Bring a sniper-rifle, in case a Bruins goes on a breakaway. should I change this to the Flyers, or should you keep the same routine? Tough call.
Chipchuro: Post a message on this board. Drink sake during the game. Watch the game on RDS. And finally, listen to the classic goal song over and over.
Skrudland: Wear the Dandenault jersey with the Latendresse T-Shirt. Keep Kool-Aid Man avatar. Listen to Annakin Slayd over and over. Drink Saku beer.
Seb_Rafter: Say you will not watch the game at home but actually end up watching the game at home.
MONACOBLUE: Watch the game. Good one.
bipolarhabfan: Go to church.
GoHabsGo247: Rock the lucky Habs underwear. Put on jersey, too.
Quartz: Pray.
Montreal Shadow: Bet $500 on the Habs.
SKiZO[X]: Pray. Don't eat either. Listen to a lot of Bon Jovi.
Habs_Fan: Eat chicken wings during the game. Open beer only at puck drop.
FlyingKostistyn: Watch the game at La Cage or his bro's. Wear your Kovy T-Shirt. Finally, assume the Flyers are going to win (reverse psychology on the Hockey gods... nice).
The Dion#3: Do whatever it is you did with Canadien (sic) Bacon. Sounds delicious.
Watsatheo: Watch game on computer instead of TV.
Frogurt: Listen to "Don't Stop Believing" on repeat. Drink everything out of his rarely used Habs mug.
Gros Bill: Wear lucky 1993 Stanley Cup champions T-Shirt. Play "Come With Us" at deafening level during national anthems. Drink beer with twist-off tops.
x eric x: Order a pizza at 6pm. Wear the Black and Gold Habs hat (don't know about colour choice there...), Keep the win city avatar.
Sports1131 : Walk down Stanley on way to Bell Centre. Give quarters to fundraising kids (nice Karma!) Wear vintage Perezhogin jersey. This will suck if you don't have tickets...
BigM1ke : Keep the mini-cup back to its original position (see pic in post 46). Wear Komi T-Shirt all day.
Jusqu au Bout: Wear #46 all day. Keep flag on the car. Take out 1993 T-Shirt later... wear it under the 1993 Roy jersey. Most importantly... believe!!!
Habs_99: Don't urinate during game.
Higgins21: Don't watch the whole first period.
Rauhofer: Keep down framed picture of Kovalev. Comtemplate or reflect on the burning of roomate's Higgins T-Shirt.
Rated R Superstar: Wear Kovalev shirt. Turn the light on Habs clock on. Keep up a Kovalev poster. Get a poutine.
Habs10Habs: Wear Koivu jersey tonight. Continue contemplating the murder of BigM1ke's girlfriend.
Montrealer: Bet all your VCash on Habs. Watch game at home with friends. Order a large bacon poutine with extra cheese(mmm). Wear the Habs rally towel as a bandana.
Capitano: Pray.
CanadienFan11: Create a shrine with a Koivu autographed picture, an action figure and a Habs puck around his TV.
lynx: Drop your 3 year old off at Daycare.
Eatthatquestion: Wear a team T-Shirt instead of a player specific one. Open beer with Habs bottle opener.
Habitant#1: Create your own version of "the Force" and use it to ensure the Habs win.
benji: Kill a prostitute. Keep up Kovy and Komi posters.
Nobak: Predict a Higgins hattrick.
Habnot: Don't shower.
David_99: Have lots of intercourse.
Duff88: Watch the game at home and alone.
LilWinger11: Clean your Habs coffee mug. Keep up the old Koivu poster. Make poutine (with real cheese curds, not that cheddar stuff). Speak French at home.
Kovalev Warrior: Go to La Cage.
Rayne: Wear the Good Luck Habs jersey.
Hannibal: Listen to "We Will Rock You", "L'orielle" and "Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now" many times.
Fiascov: Wear red Saku Koivu jersey while holding a Habs car flag.
Guillemin: Wear a large metal pot over a toque (helmet), bang it with a wooden spoon when Habs score.
Zero.O: Watch the game on RDS.
Analyzer: Watch the game while wearing a lucky jersey. Even out the fanbase with a stuffed animal.
eliash: Eat shish taouk.
#11 Saku Koivu: Watch the game in Canadiens T-shirt. Will celebrate birthday on every gameday...?
Russeltown: Eat poutine. Watch game at gym (15-0 now!!!)
speed11: Shave your head.
SergzandAndreiKostistyn: Wear the SK74 jersey and drink a case of Ex.
Bermy: Listen to the game on online radio.
natey2k4: Rock the Habs jersey, Habs hat and Habs socks. Shave
buddahsmoka1: Don't watch the game upstairs in his room.
FishontheSand: Proactively do nothing superstitious. Just good ol' fashioned game watching.
Dashboard: Watch in a Higgins T-Shirt and old school hockey helmet while at home.
mitchmagic: Fly the car flag and twitchnervously.
BigM: Keep smoking (good work). Skrudland and I have a separate ritual of lighting one up every time Smolinski scores, you should join in.
znk: Bury the unlucky towel in a drawer.
mtl_fenix: Tell mom not to watch the game.
ppil: Fail an exam.
Biggsy: Bet against the Habs on facebook. Wear the Richard jersey. Drink from your Habs glass.
steven91: Dive naked into the opposing team's bench.
Shred: Watch the game on CBC.
Korky: Wear the Roy jersey.
patsbury: Don't wear the red Habs jersey.
Riot55: Keep the old Habs wallpaper on your laptop.

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