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04-21-2008, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Teus View Post
Confirmed today by the official site that a bunch of players are leaving:

Emil Lundgren
Mikael Wahlberg
Andreas Byström
Patrik Lundh (to Bofors as said before)
Jyrki Välivaara (to JYP)
Jens Svensson
Cole Jarrett
Lasse Pirjetä

Hopefully there will be a longer interview with Wahlberg, because this is a pretty awful way to say goodbye to the captain who has been with the team for 8 seasons. Sad he never got to experience any big success with the team and for example had to go through 5 straight Kvalserier.

Really sad to see him go, but I respect his decision and hope he gets to win a championship somewhere (hopefully outside Sweden). Good luck, Sälen!

Also sad to see Välivaara go. He surprised me though last year when he decided to stay, so I'll accept it.

BTW our "Holmström", Tomas Wallgren that is, has decided to stay according to Johan's blogg.
Just read this off the website now...mostly blah players, but Wahlberg will be sadly missed. I wish the guy the best of luck, he's all heart and really deserved to go out in a better way. Välivaara is a guy I also would've prefered to keep. The rest won't be missed.

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