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05-16-2004, 11:52 AM
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I will add one bit of hogwa errr whatever #.

I agree our defence has gotten "worse" over this time period, but, would also say that it has gotten "better" as well. I wouldn't be off to using last year as an example due to our injuries but, I think that if the playoffs have shown us anything were defence is concerned it is that good YOUNG defencemen are as valuable as good VETS are to a teams success.

Instead of going on a rant, I will say have a look about at the teams that are actually in the final four (lets remember mates, that is the goal then right?).

Lots of young blueys on each team. Young, fresh legs. Young playing with desperation to establish themselves and to NEVER let their team mates down.

Of course, with them comes the lack of experience to know how to handle it all but, that is where the balance between having a couple of solid "vets" (I say lads who have put in at least three or four years) to lead the way is as important as the young enthusiastic never say die of youth.

IF we don't blow it with Rome, we could well have a grand balance next year on paper, I say that because Murray will do what he does and go out of his way to give the vets all the ice time and then bench/punish the lads when they make a mistake instead of giving them the responsibility and ice time they need to develope.

Just an opinion, oh god look, its a rant afterall!


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