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04-22-2008, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Stripes View Post

Anything below a level where coaches must be trained to certain abilities and understanding of the game (I would say Midget AAA) should not be able to submit such evaluations. Coaches at those levels have rule knowledge as part of their certification tests. I know because I took such a course. I see a lot of what minor hockey coaches submit for complaints, and if they could pick who doesn't work their games, there would be nobody left because there is a complaint submitted nearly every day, and about 8 out of 10 of them have no foundation whatsoever. The rule knowledge by minor hockey coaches is severely lacking in my area.

Spectators and parents should never have the ability to submit evaluations on officials. Going by my experience in minor hockey, there is no reason to even discuss this.
Boy you are opening up a can of worms here. If I could put my two cents into this.

The problem that we have in the country is not necessarily with the referee system, it just that the system is incapable of policing themselves. As a hockey director, I have to police my coaches. But, because the referee system in this country has the so called final say, they feel that they are correct all the time, kind of like a dictatorship, they turn a blind eye to referees that are incapable of making the proper call. The normal excuses that I hear all the time is...I didn't see it.

Maybe director's should pay on a call system! As a referee, you are under my employment. I am the one shelling out the $45.00 per ref per hour. And if the referee system can not police their ref's then maybe the director's of the program should.

Maybe associations should have the right to train their own ref's.

Example: In phoenix the ref's are...well, I will not go there. However, if the head ref of the refereeing program would spot check his ref's and do his own evaluation on his ref's then maybe we would have qualified ref's to actually call games!

It's a two way street! Oh and by the way, I have the rule book on my toilet tank and I know the rules forward and backwards. When I see a ref, not making the proper call for intentional off sides, drives be insane. Yes I know that the rules have changes about "Touch up." But, when it's intentional and the proper call is not make, then I wonder who is watching the ref's. If they can't make the most simplest call, they should be in the stands with the parents watch the game.

The last thing I want to say is this. Parents come to the game to watch there kids play hockey. Parents do not come to the game to watch the ref's make the call. This is not a game for the ref's, it's for the kids. But I have seen so many ref's come to the game to see how many calls they can make in a game. The reason why I know this is because I have had linesman come into my office to complain. Generally my comment is...take it up with you head ref. Generally the response is...we have!

So maybe it is time for director's to really start taking control of their programs. Maybe it time for director's to stop paying ref's that are incompetent. Why not! I fire my coaches when they are incompetent and as far as I am concern, a referee can make or break a director's program.

Maybe it would be advisable for the head ref to sit in my office when I have a linch mob in my office. At what point do you say enough is enough? Do you let that ref continue to keep screwing up your association? Or, do you just turn my blind eye to it and tell my parents....too bad! I think not.

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