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05-16-2004, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by rnyquist
I dunno there's guys like Tukonen, Schremp and Radulov who could be absolutely amazing players and aren't a stretch to draft #6 at all.
as i said, everything i know is from others, so i don't have a strong opinion on these guys. Shremp has been falling on most people's boards and tukonen and radulov seem to be all over the place. I wouldn't be adverse to taking Tukonen or Radulov, but if the rangers think that thelan is a substancially better player would be very against them making a reach. Pick the best available player, don't sacrafice talent for need, expecially in the NHL where you won't see these guys for 2 years anyway.

I want the rangers to come away with a big lwft winger too, i just don't think you should take a downgrade in talent to do it.

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