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05-16-2004, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by newf
my philosophy for a draft is you have to make your team stronger. if that means taking the best player regardless of position, you do it. especially in the nhl. 18 years old - its a bit of a crap shoot. the nfl you can draft to fill needs.

but in this case, if theren's the best player there when they draft, you have to take him. bottom line is you make the club stronger. if 2 years down the road it means you have too many quality nhl defensemen, you deal with it then, and you can still improve your team then.

let me put it this way - nobody's complaining that we have both blackburn and lundquist, even though we all know if they both reach they're potential, we can't have them both. but in a year or two, if they are both ready to be nhl starters, you keep one and trade the other one away for good return. both players end up making the rangers stronger.

Exactly, BPA, trade from strength. If the BPA when we step up to draft are only RW's then in 2-3 years we may have 5 top 2 line RW's but we could easily move them to the other wing or dealthem, the options are endless, but one should never stretch to draft for position.

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