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05-17-2004, 08:24 AM
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IMO, I think Gainey should do whatever it takes to get him as he is a kid that you can build a team around. Having watched him play at the Canada Games in Campbellton, playing for Team Nova Scotia, he made everyone better. I watched him play for Rimouski and you could see how far advanced he was from the others on the ice.
Will Gainey do whatever it takes is another story. I hope he makes a very substantial offer to whomever holds the first pick. Crosby bleeds the red, white and blue, as you pointed out. His father bleeds the red, white and blue. I hope that the Habs don't blow it again as they did with Anthony Stewart. Personally, I think they missed the mark when they didn't trade up to get him as he and his father also bled red, white, and blue.
Crosby is the real thing! We can only wish...