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04-23-2008, 12:41 PM
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I dont think we need a QB just yet. I think we can all agree that Parcells/Ireland/Sporano are a little more qualified at evaluating talent than us, so there must be something they see in Beck. The 2nd round of the draft is going to answer that completely. If they try and trade back into the first for maybe Henne, who they like, then they arent completely sold on Beck. If they go will someone, maybe laike a Flacco or Woodson, then they think Beck is able to be a good QB for us.

I dont think Beck is all that bad of a QB. If you want to go by what happened last season, you arent evaluating him correctly. He has a good arm, is moblie, makes smart decisions, and is a good leader. The problem was is that he was surrounded by garbage. When you have a third string tight end, your 3rd and 4th slotted receivers, and a dumb @ss as a coach calling the shots, you arent exactly put in the best position to succeed. Id like to see what he has going forward with some better talent before we all decide he is a failure.

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