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04-23-2008, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by NJ_CATS_FAN View Post
If MIA doesnt get any offers no better than a 3rd, then they wont trade him. Miami wants a mid to late 1st rounder for him, and its well worth it. Even though JT is up in age, he can still play and still has a few years left. Parcells will not trade him just to trade him, the value has to be there. I really think come draft day, someone will come with the right offer. I said it today, I expect to see JT traded to Dallas for either their 22nd or 28th pick. Dallas is already a contender, and if they trade for JT and reunite him with Zach, Dallas instantly becomes a favorite. We all know Jerry Jones likes to make noise, and acquiring a Jason Taylor is just that. I really think JT will be traded, and I am going on record to say he will be traded to Dallas.
Age is a big issue. JT will be useful for one or two more years max, that draft pick could be useful for much longer. The Jaguars need a pass rushing DE bad, and I would give up our lower 3rd rounder for him max. Any team that gives more than a 3rd is foolish, if you guys can get more than that then good for you, as long as its not Jacksonville.

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