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04-23-2008, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by 39ontheline View Post
Why would anyone even bother to speculate on something so amazingly stupid. This will never happen. This will never happen for 50000000 reasons that Im not wasting time listing. This isnt even a question of getting your hopes up. This is an absolute zero possibility. MALKIN will never sign an offer sheet to come to florida and Pit would trade him before it ever gets to that point.
Its all about the money, if we offered more money then everyone else he would sign, but like I said, lots of teams would give him the max (better teams). Pittsburgh would try to trade him, but if they can't get more value than the 4 1sts they would be smart to to take it.

I never said I thought it would happen either, infact I was giving reasons why it wouldn't happen (such as other teams being more desirable to play for). I don't know why you have to get all upset over harmless speculation.

It is not an "absolute zero possibility". Gretzky was traded, anything is possible, no matter how small the chance.

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