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Originally Posted by NJ_CATS_FAN View Post
Wow bro, do you actually follow football in detail or just watch occasionally? The OL is a huge part of a what makes a QB, not the other way around. Jake Long is an excellent pick. The guy is a monster, 6'7, 313 and is now our future LT. The guy has only given up like 4 sacks and 2 false start penalties in his whole Michigan career. Parcells is building this team from the inside. You need a solid OL to have a solid QB. He addressed that with the FA period and now with this pick of Long. Miami will have a very solid OL, and they are all young so the future is very bright. Long is the real deal and the full football package, mentally and physically. If anyone thinks Long is no good or the wrong pick, they really need to watch college football. Jake Long was the safest pick and thats exactly what Miami did. This was a great move and these are things that happen when you have people in charge who actually know what their doing.

We already have a QB and his name is John Beck. Everyone is so quick to throw this guy under the bus already. HE WAS A ROOKIE, wake up people. He was not supposed to come in and immediately be the savior. Miami now has a REAL coaching staff and if after this year he still hasnt done anything, then you can argue for a new QB. We will have a very solid OL in place this year, so we can expect Beck to have decent numbers. He is also working with the new QB coach, who is the same guy that set up Romo. Again, we have a REAL coaching staff now, so before anyone can judge, this year has to play out first. McCown was a good pickup. He is not bad, but hes not that great. If he plays, at least he has the experience.

Miami will be drafting a QB this year, thats almost a guarantee, and NO, ITS NOT MATT RYAN. I can only say thank god to that. Expect to see a Flacco or Henne drafted by Miami.

I hope you meant Taylor for Quinn as a joke, because that is the worst idea I think Ive ever heard. Quinn is not a Dolphin so get over it. He wont be traded to Miami either. Taylor probably will be traded at the draft, so we all shouldnt be surprised to see it happen.

Parcells is completely rebuilding this team and this is how its done. Most Dolphin fans realize this, and the ones that dont just dont understand football. Just watch how quickly Parcells and Co. have this thing turned around. Long was a great pick, and knowing who we have running the show, we can expect a great draft weekend.

Go Fins.
Misunderstanding - I agree our o-line sucks, and I agree Long is a good pick - I disagree with paying him as the highest paid O-lineman in football when he has never played a down. We just gave up QB money for an unproven o-lineman.

You're right, I don't watch college ball ( boring to me) so I only know what i read.

We can agree to disagree on Beck. He is useless, his accuracy was brutal with or without an o-line in front of him. It proved that if he has no time, he has no ability to scrable and find an open receiver. Maybe that's because Miami does not have a WR on the roster, or perhaps it is because he sucks. We'll see i guess. Please don't call Ginn a reciever as his hands are clearly made of stone

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