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04-23-2008, 02:23 PM
We Suck Yet Again
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Originally Posted by sensfan31 View Post
Misunderstanding - I agree our o-line sucks, and I agree Long is a good pick - I disagree with paying him as the highest paid O-lineman in football when he has never played a down. We just gave up QB money for an unproven o-lineman.

You're right, I don't watch college ball ( boring to me) so I only know what i read.

We can agree to disagree on Beck. He is useless, his accuracy was brutal with or without an o-line in front of him. It proved that if he has no time, he has no ability to scrable and find an open receiver. Maybe that's because Miami does not have a WR on the roster, or perhaps it is because he sucks. We'll see i guess. Please don't call Ginn a reciever as his hands are clearly made of stone
Jake will show everyone why he is the #1 pick. Every review of him I watched yesterday, which was about 8 or so, the majority all said this guy will be a pro-bowler and possible HOF. This guy is compared to Jumbo Elliott. This was an excellent pick.

Ginn is still unpolished, but he is a very good WR. He was so underused as WR with Cameron it was ridiculous. In the very limited time he played, he was good. I was happy when we drafted him, and was very happy with his play, even though it was very limited. This regime wont make the same mistake, they will use him properly. Ginn and Wilford be a much better WR combo than people think.

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