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04-23-2008, 03:42 PM
We Suck Yet Again
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Long is the right pick. He's the first pick if the draft, the pay comes with the territory. Matt Ryan doesn't make sense when you have Beck and McCown there who can be serviceable this year when the O-Line still needs a lot of work. Especially with a 6'7 wall in Long sitting there who's incredibly physical but is good enough to rarely take a penalty. Right move, right team, right for the re-build.

Beck and Ginn are both coming off rookie seasons and were on a team with poor players at a lot of the positions. You can't measure those occurances against what they can do for their careers. Ginn's likely not a #1 and we need to get a receiver, but he should be a solid #2 and return man.

This team is in full RE-BUILD mode, especially if Taylor is traded. People shouldn't be expecting this team to make a run at the SuperBowl and probably not the playoffs. If it happens, outstanding, but it's not likely. By acquiring Jake, Miami is fixing an area that's been in dire straits for some time and is doing a great job at it. They've still got another 8 picks on top of Long with 4 of them in the first 64. That means 5 of the first 64 draftees will be Miami Dolphins, unless Miami gets more picks or trades them for something else. Not too bad for a team that's been passing out draft picks for the likes of Feeley, Culpepper, etc.
Thank you. Ive been saying this forever. Its amazing how some people cant understand this.

As for the WR, I think we will be drafting one too. Its not going to happen, but if by some chance James Hardy falls to #32, there is no way we can pass on him. Talk about a big receiver. All I know is, we can expect to see a QB and a WR drafted this weekend. When is anyones guess, but its good to see we finally have someone with the balls to rebuild this team.

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