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Originally Posted by Ruhnie View Post
Right handed and I:
1)Bat Right
2)Golf Right
3)Shoot Right

I grew up playing baseball and golf, and when I decided as an adult to play hockey I just couldn't imagine not shooting right. I have had little coaching/teaching, but I have always been one of the best stickhandlers on any team I've played on, AND have a good shot.

I don't buy any argument that deals in absolutes when it comes to this. There are far too many examples of people who go against those rules for them to be so. I also don't buy the broom trick, as I have never used a broom by holding it like a hockey stick. If I were to do that, I certainly would swap hands and be sweeping "righty".

My wife is right-handed and recently started playing hockey as a leftie. I try to play with her stick all the time and it feel so completely ridiculous I couldn't imagine trying to re-learn after playing for 13 years. Do what's comfortable for you, it should be pretty obvious after trying both sides for a few practices.
Just for fun does anyone hold a broom like a hockey stick that doesn't hold it the same as they would a hockey stick? (Any "left broom"- right shooters or "right broom"- left shooters? -no thumbs uppers need apply)

I agree with the no absolutes though, some are definite right or left from the get go and some are less certain. I've never forced anyone either way. I just can't recall anyone that went against the "broom trick", though I may have forgotten someone.

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