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04-23-2008, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by xduckiex View Post

I can't seem to get the rain right.
Did you make sure the photo layer was the one befor last? Also, you did it on yours, but on mine I realise that since I didn't close cut the players and put them on a black background (or something like that) that you lose some of the effect, since the rain blends with the grayscale background, like the crowd on the Kovalev avatar.

The text should be the top layers followed by the rain, the red parts (CH logo, shoulders, gloves, blood, etc) , the grayscale photo and the black background. Just make sure you have em in the right order before you flatten anything, then again you should always keep a copy you can work with.

Also, to enhance the rain effect you can copy one or more of the rain layers, it will make them look bigger. You can also duplicate those layers and move em around ever so slightly to make more drops.

Hope it helps. Let's bring some more people, I'm loving this already and feel bad for not having bet my avatar in this series, it is on the line vs the flyers though. Then again, as you can see I dont post too often, but I do read a lot here.

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