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04-23-2008, 10:54 PM
Lord Horse
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A designated "party area" may work for buttoned-down cities like Ottawa, but the pure joyous life energy contained in the city of Montreal will spread wherever it damn well wants. You can't contain the population of Montreal when it comes to hockey.

In the fall and winter that steam you see coming up from the grates in the street is hockey. In the spring the rains are hockey. In the summer the thick smog that sticks hazy over the island is hockey, dirty black hockey smog polluted from the cars and chimneys, but it's hockey. The hills are hockey, the girls are hockey, the pubs and the Jacques Cartier bridge and the faded paint on the wall in the Snowdon Metro are worn with the friction of hockey, year in and year out, as it courses through the brick and metal and plaster and people.

How you gonna tell that where to celebrate?

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