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Originally Posted by Kalcon View Post

He's a right handed shot that plays right wing. How could you choose Lats when he shoots left and plays the left wing? That just doesn't make any sense!
This series is going to be more run-and-gun than the Boston series so why have use a guy like Dandeneault who just can't score and had the worst +/- on the team in the regular season? At least with Ryder, there's a chance that he could get hot and score 4 or 5 goals in the series. With Dandeneault you get an average forechecker that has no idea what to do with the puck when he gets it and, obviously, doesn't offer a lot more in the defensive aspect of the game. Ryder has the ability to make a difference, Dandeneault doesn't!!
Anyone with half a brain or who doesn't coach the Montreal Canadiens would not choose Dandeneault over Ryder in this series. Carbonneau has to lose the hard on he has for him. You don't play him just because he played on cup winning teams with a stacked Detroit lineup.

Anyway, whoever is in, you can be sure that they'll only get 6-9 minutes of icetime. Hardly enough to make a positive influence on the game but plenty to have a negative one!

Go Habs!

Yes, clearly Ryder (with his natural instincts and gifted ability to score) should be in but Carbo doesn't appear to make rational decisions when it comes to certain players. Either Carbo has a personal hate for the guy or he's taking the Montreal media too seriously, a media like RDS which obviously hates Ryder.

What Ryder needs now more than anything is a coach that believes in and supports him, not a coach who turns his back on him. Carbo wanted Ryder to become more defensively reliable and that he did...And one would think that Carbo is intelligent enough to realise if you're expecting an offensive player to make major adjustments to a defensive style of game then that player's offensive game is going to be adversely affected. Ryder is not exactly stinking it up over the last couple of months...I hear tons of people (both Montreal and non-Montreal fans alike) repeating this same sentiment every day.

I really don't know why or what the motives are, but Carbo is simply not being fair to Ryder...A guy who's done everything asked of him, who works hard, who's a team player, who's very well liked by his teammates and yet still takes all the blame for the team's failures...A guy with a great natural ability to score, but a guy who's confidence is at an all time low because of the treatment by the coach...It's time for Carbo to realise and accept responsibility for the way he has treated Ryder and to put this childlishness behind him, and thus place Ryder back in the lineup and tell him that he will stay unless it's very obvious that he's not giving the work ethic, and I'm willing to bet that we will see significant improvement in his game...Ryder needs a vote of confidence and he needs it bad...

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