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05-17-2004, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Harper
With the injuries to the defence mounting, Desjardins returning would be like a godsend to the Flyers.
I think this thread should really go no further than this sentiment. Even if the defense were entirely healthy, I'd feel the same. Not only is his presence important to the team, but his ability to play on the power play and the fact that he's a right-handed shot could do wonders for the power play. As it is, they're pretty predictable since they can only go from the goal line to half boards to blueline effectively on the left boards. Every single time the opposition tries to wrap the puck out the right D side along the boards, the best we can hope for is that the defenseman gets the puck back along or that the forward is deep enough in the zone so that he might flip the puck from backhand to forehand and do something with it.

They showed a clip of him on Channel 10, and he was shooting the puck like he didn't even have an injury. Just wrist shots, no slappers, but he didn't look ginger at all. I don't buy the "bad legs" idea, either. He's a professional athlete, and he's already clear to work out the ol' cardio system. It would be silly to expect him at 100%, but I'll take him over Pitkanen (who appears to be done for quite awhile), Seidenberg, or anybody back there.

Of course, they have to get to the Finals first.

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