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05-17-2004, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
Actually, I disagree. Mironov is quite a bit slower and not nearly as mobile as Malablob can be. Malacough can play on the top pair, 20-25 minutes a game--and as long as he's motivated--not hurt a team (witness what he's done in the playoffs). I don't think that Crispy Creme has that skill and playing that many minutes per game in the playoffs would expose that weakness.

Malakhov's sin is that he never took his game to the next level and became a truely elite defenseman in the NHL. BoBo's problem is that he has rarely applied the skill and snarl he has consistantly enough--which would have made him not an elite defensive player, but a player who is critical to a team's success. Either way Jackass made a terrible mistake in not re-signing Schneider--who doesn't have the overall skill and tools that Malakhov has, but has the desire and drive to use what he has consistantly--unlike Mironov.
i have to disagree on some of the things you say about malakhov
he has way more talent than does mironov, however, and yes i am saying this, mironov showed up more often on a nightly basis, not saying that he showed up everynight with his A game, but mironov was clearly the better d-man this year and just as physical if not more so than the dog

malakhov also makes terrible mistakes, something his talent has nothing to do with, he makes bad passes, especially outlet ones at times, picks bad times to pinch, is very risky at the point on powerplays and lastly still takes dumb and unecessary penalties

he has not been guilty of all these things this playoff year, however he has made bad passes a few times ive seen, and he has taken a good amount of stupid penalties in the playoffs as well, but he has put up points, and rushed the puck pretty well for them

what i can defintely say about malakhov is that if he is motivated (ie playoffs) he obviously steps up, something he should have realized is that if he played with as much tenacity as he does for the flyers, maybe the rangers may have sniffed the playoffs while he was here

i will still take mironov over vlad anyday, as for your claim mironov hasnt applied his snarl enough, ive felt he really showed his true colors playing with tyutin, hed stay at home, handling just as much of the physical play if not more and he was aggressive when it came to clearing our net and sticking up for tyutin

also malakhov is playing with markov who is playing the best hockey of his career this playoffs, its not hard for me to wonder why malakhov is playing so well, if we had markov with leetch i can only imagine how good leetch would have been

i agree on schneider though, i wish we never got rid of him in the first place, i mean who wants NY natives on the rangers anyway?

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