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05-17-2004, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Park #2
Hey, sorry that I haven't been around much. I am assuming that you are asking me to judge solely based on my opinion of the player (aka - not considering team needs, etc.).

1- Schremp: I love him as a player. He is an offensive wizard who can create opportunities and plays where there is NOTHING. He I think he is the smartest player in the draft and is easily the most gifted playmaker. If I am a team in the top 6, I don't let him out of it. I think the questions about him have been played - up far too much. I realize that many others would place him last on this last. Not I. He's the guy that bites you in the a$$ five years down the line. When your "safer" pick is barely on your 4th line and he's scoring 90 pts per year.

2 - Thelen: I like Thelen a lot too, and believe he has a higher upside then Barker. That said, upsides can remain just that. I think they're close, but there's a little something about Thelen I like better. Hard to put my finger on it.... it's close.

3- 3- Barker - It's close with Thelan. Barker's a bit more polished.

4-Tukonen - Though I don't love him as a player, I like him. He's a safe pick. Very safe. I would rather see my team take Stafford (between 8-12 - whom I like very much and who's stock is raising). I don't think he'll ever be a star, but I think he'll be top six.

4- Radulov - Love his skills, not big on his attitude.

5. Picard- I'm not big on guys from the Q in general. I'm not big on him. I can see Picard becoming a good 2nd line player, I could see him being in a career AHL player.

That said, with the Rangers situation as it stands - I would take Schremp if available. I know Edge would disagree, but I take Schremp over Ladd if I have my choice. Heck, I know lot's would disagree. (Anyway, I think Columbus takes Ladd.... Ladd or Barker).

With my 2nd pick, I am really high on Chipchura (and I know the Rangers are too). I don't know that he'll be around.

Thanks Park.

It's actually good to see someone standup for Schremp. Though he's not my favorite player in the top of this draft, you have to realize how skilled he is, and that alot of player's his age have growing up to do.

As for Chipchura, yeah, i'd be nice to land him with the 2nd pick, but that would mean trading up. I could see Lundmark & Toronto's first to Edmonton for the #14th overall, assuming KC is still on the board.

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