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05-17-2004, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Why do they NEED to make the playoffs? That's the thinking that got us the last 7 years. I'm not saying that I do not want the playoffs, I do. But next year's team is going to be FAR less talented than the previous 7. Plus if Jackass is really serious about a rebuild, why would he go out and sign a boatload of UFA's (most of whom probably have no intention of coming here to begin with). Next year is to be spent on developing kids. Playoffs should be gravy.
It's not impossible, off course. But just thinking of the roster for next year, it is pretty hard to envision a 90+ point team (the amount that seems to be needed to make the playoffs).
I agree 100%. I dont see the purpose in signing UFAs. This philosophy will put us in Draft NO MANS LAND(10th to 14th pick). We need to see what kids step up and start building a core group and UFAs just take ice time away from the kids.

What we need to do next year is
1. Hire Ryan McGill as head coach.
2 Sign Henrik Lundquist
3. Hire the best fulltime Goalie coach out on the Market. This coach should be Henriks personal coach.
4.Give Lundmark a chance to play. He has never had the chance to play full time minutes. He needs this chance if he is going to take his game to the next level. I want to see if he can become at least a 2nd line player or if he busts. But we have to give him the opportunity.
5. Do not sign any UFAs. As stated before we need to build a core group and UFAs take ice time away from prospects. We have to see what prospects prosper and What prospects bust. UFAs are useful for a contender that has a core group of players but a hole in there lineup. Then you overpay for a UFA because you can take a run at the cup. The Rangers are not in that situation. This is a bottom to top rebuild, not a retool.

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