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04-25-2008, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Giddens View Post
After reading what the Philadelphia Inquirer had to say about the game last night I think it's worth it to have a thread to monitor the stupidities being written... Here is a sample and the link...

-The Flyers blew another two-goal lead, albeit with ample help from the officials.

-A high-stick goal by Montreal's Alex Kovalev in the second period and a dubious kneeing call on Mike Richards late in the game resulted in two Canadiens goals as the officials basically handed the game to Montreal.

- The Kovalev goal, which tied the game at 2-2 in the second period, was reviewed, but the officials upheld it. Kovalev practically needed a stepladder to hit the puck out of the air and into the net.

-Quoting Biron: "I thought it was a high-stick right away," Flyers goalie Marty Biron said. "They had to go to Toronto [for the video review], and once they go to Toronto, that's what happens."

- Biron outplayed Montreal rookie Carey Price in goal.

-A lengthy review upheld the goal. The key language in Rule 80.4 on disallowed goals is "where the puck made contact with the stick." In this case, the contact was above the crossbar. The goal should not have counted.
Just watched on the NHL Network the Coach Stevens post game media answer/question period. Looks like we have a Coach that is full of excuses and it is going to be funny watching him come up with them the rest of the way!

Some quick hits on his excuses:

(1) Kovalev goal to tie it 2 - 2 on the Philly PP. He said it was no goal because his stick was above the net. (Well, it went to Toronto where they have a war room and top technology equipment to review these things and they said it was a goal. If you watch the replays sure Kovy's stick hits the cross bad, but that is allowed because it wasn't over = GOAL).

(2) Richards penalty. He said he would have to look at game tape because it was pretty questionable, he even said Richards was questioning it. Every player questions a call be it blatten or accidental! He stuck out his stick and planted the knee as well, penalty.

(3) Montreal got all the breaks. What? We got a goal that was reviewed and a goal to tie it on a legit penalty call. If anything Philly got more breaks than Montreal! (A)Brisebois puts one in his own net (not a Philly player, a Hab player scored the 1st goal of this series for the Flyers), (B) 2nd goal Price was screened by his onw player (that happens to all goalies once in awhile, just want to point out it was Brisebois at fault though), and finally (C) 3rd goal was a shot that Price bobbled and it fell out of his glove and hit the leg/skate of Lupal and went in.

And we got all the breaks?

New name for the Coach, John "The ExcuseMaster" Stevens. I've seen him in post game interviews before and seen him make up excuses, but I guess one really notices it when you watch the game he is making them up for.

Can't wait for the next game to see what jibberish comes out.

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