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04-25-2008, 07:48 AM
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strange game over all.
Both teams will play better in the next games.

Yes 2 posts and at least two other times the puck gets behind Biron and LUCK plays it's part. Oh yeah! A penilty shot. and then nearly all loose pucks land close to Flyer players all game long.
Add in a gift goal and and a bounce off a leg.
Anybody that thinks the Flyers got no breaks is nuts.

The Habs did get 1 piece of luck when Carters stick broke at the faceoff on the Kovalev goal.

Flyers almost stole the game in a very strange game. Flyer cashed in on luck and tried to ride the result in the third but the luck finally went the other way before the game ended and the Habs won it.

So now both teams will size up each other and the real game will start. They are not playing the Bruins or the Caps anymore.

But the Flyers should be more scared. with a ton of luck they still lost the game ( ouch), never in the game did the Flyers dominate and look dangerous for 3 shifts in a row ( ouch) and Briere was totally contained ( ouch)

Flyers will play better but so will the Habs ( ouch)

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