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04-25-2008, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by marc1337 View Post
It's kind of funny, Kovalev pushed to puck in the goal... the end of is stick was touching the cross bar and the puck at the same time... how can you be to high? he touched the puck higher then the cross bar for sure. But it's when the puck leaves is stick that matter!

Are you claiming that the end of his stick was touching the crossbar AND the puck at the same time, or do you think *I* said that? Either way, that's absolutely not the case. Regardless of whether one thinks it was a high stick or not, the stick at no time was touching the crossbar and the puck at the same time. That's simply not watching the play. Kovalev did NOT push the puck into the goal.
To a previous post by someone else about blade curvature. I'm well aware of the curve on the blade but also don't think it is relevant here. The claim about the CBC angle I can't comment on, because I haven't seen it. IF that is true (i have no reason to doubt the poster) and given the CSN angle that clearly showed high stick, I can swallow that it was inconclusive enough to go with what was called on the ice. But for the war room to claim it was conclusive NOT high says to me they didn't have all the angles.

I'm fine with it, though. In my opinion, the team that deserved to win the game did, and it's on to the next. No whining here, really. I thought the calls were questionable, but understandable at least for the refs. There were other calls missed that helped the Flyers, so it evens out. Also, there were at least two montreal posts and a goal put in their own net (had to feel bad fro Brisbrois, because he actually made a nice play that just turned out badly). The luck simply balanced out.

Again, good game. Great plays by the MTL penalty kill and face-off men. It comes down to execution, and that's what MTL did.

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