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05-17-2004, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by rnyquist
But you could also argue that it's unwise for the rangers to waste a top 6 pick on a guy with a low ceiling and pass over better players because they're afraid. IMO the best bet at the #6, a guy with heart, courage, and skill is Radulov.

But my argument for that would be to compare the draft to a boxing match. Uppercuts and roundhouse rights do a ton of damage, but you can't make EVERY punch one of those because otherwise you're going to end up on your butt. Last season this team took a very high risk gamble with Jessiman that may or may not pan out. Doing that two years in a row, for any team is very dangerous let alone a team that hasn't seen the playoffs in 7 years and can't afford to walk away from two drafts with nothing but a trivial pursuit answer.

Screhmp and Radulov are both VERY talented kids but they each have a HUGE flaws and the arguments to support them are the same exact arguments people made 5 years ago for Pavel Brendl, Kris Beech, etc.

Schremps inability to fit into a system and work for his points is a major concern area. We're talking about two junior teams already and he's barely 18. At what point do you start to say "maybe it is him".

As for Radulov he is a huge question mark. He's very much an Alexei Kovalev like talent. When he's there he dominates, but sometimes you gotta wonder what is going on inside that skull. He's had run in's with just about every coach he's played for and just about every teammate he's had. I also have serious concerns about his ability to handle a NY situation.

Drew Stafford is a "Safe" third line player, not Andrew Ladd. You can point to a ton of drafts that would work against the "skill" mindset including 1994 when Ryan Smyth was drafted behind Bonsignore a kid with "too much skill not to make it" out of the OHL and a russian defenseman who was "all skill".

I think there is a fine line between passing over a guy with a high ceiling for a low ceiling and passing over a guy with a "lower" ceiling. It's a balance between the two.

I notice the people who think Ladd is overhyped seem to have it in his head that the guy is a checking winger or something which cracks me up. Just because he plays a sandpaper game doesn't mean we're talking about Garth Murray here.

Half the people didnt even know what line he played and I'll estimate that 80% of the people on this board making comments have never seen enough of these draft eligible players play to make a fair comment. They find a player whose name they like, or whose "report" they line or even whose "look" they like and they run with it. Not saying anyone here has done that, but with some of this kids there is more to the story that a point total or a set of skills. There is a mindset and there are certain elements that one could only experience by watching from the stands and seeing what the player does when the "camera" isn't on them or when there isn't a video clip on the player or when there isn't a reporter to tell you about it.

It's one thing I've noticed over the years and it's changed the way I see players. Simply put I've learned if all you're seeing is clips and videos of players than you're only getting about 60% of the picture, but it's that 40% that is the most important.

How does he look when he doesnt have the puck, how does he react on the bench, how does he interact with others, how does he listen and most important how does he make adjustments on the fly. That ability helps make good players winners and yet you'd be surprised how many players simply cannot do it. That doesnt show up on any stat sheet or highlight video or in most "articles". That is why I'm not sold on Radulov and Schremp. It sure as heck isn't because of a lack of skill.

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