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04-25-2008, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by GN85 View Post
I don't know. From one angle it seems like it's unintentional, but then from another angle it seems like he moves his skate towards the net even though he's skating towards the boards.

I think he directed it in with his skate... but it wasnt a kick; could be accidental too... but definetely not a kick.

Goal counts.

Originally Posted by x-bob View Post
Well the way I saw it, it was obvious taht there was no kicking motion but I thought that he did direct his skate to make the puck deflect towards the net. I`m not too sure if you are aloud doing that though ?

Also, I thought the Kovalev goal was bad to but I guess the video replay guys saw a good enogh angle to say that it was defenatly good so I won't dissaprove that call.
You are allowed to do that... you can deflect or direct the puck with your skate, as long as you dont kick it.

Kovalev goal was good too... the rule is where the puck and stick make contact, not where he starts or finishes his swing, but the actual moment of contact, and the place of that contact.... doesn't matter that his blade was above the bar, the puck hit the heel of the stick which was below the bar.

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