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04-25-2008, 10:28 AM
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Chucky breakout year
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He's on now.


- Patience/development with the kids drafted since '03 was key. Kudos to Gainey to hanging on for the picks.

- '03 draft: Never had any doubts about A. Kostitsyn even though many doubted. Took time and patience. Andrei had to adjust to this type of hockey over here. He has had a breakout year, hopefully the best is yet to come.

- Always luck involved...lucky enough that we were watching A.Kosty at the 2005 WJC and we noticed Sergei. We loved his NA style/willigness to get involved and take a hit. Showing that at the NHL level. Big credit to Hunters for developping him.

- What might have hurt Latendresse was he was good enough to be a pro at 19, but too big and strong for junior, every time he would hit a player there he'd be in the box. Him playing in Hamilton at 19 would have probably been the best thing for him but not possible at the time. Gui's young, best is yet to come, we and he knows what he needs to work on this summer.

- At what point were you certain Carey was going to be your pick? It was when Foster Gillett picked the ball that gave us the 5th pick! There were 4 players the entire NHL had ahead of him. We were pretty sure those other guys would go 1-2-3-4 and they did. The question was, do we take a potential franchise goalie? Kudos to Mister Gainey for trusting his scouts and their opinions and going with the BPA. Wouldn't disclose where he had Price on the list.

- Carey can handle the pressure...but let him be himself. He's not anybody else. He's the future and really believe he has a great career ahead of him.

- Very important the Black aces get a ''first hand exposure'' what it takes to play here and at this time of the year.

- McDonagh update: He had a heck of a year. One of their top D's in Wisconsin, he'll be back there next year. We expect him to be a dominant player in the NCAA. He's a horse.

- Pacioretty update: Probably at a NHL level physically, hasn't played at a high level of hockey for too long. He's close. Late birthday, if he was a CHLer he would be a pro next season. We'll see what happens this summer and what HE wants to do. Ready for this level physically. Come a long way in a short among of time.

- Conboy update: Opening up a LOT of eyes. Tough guy who can play the game. 1st liner in Omaha. No one wants to mess with him. Going to Michigan state next year. Type of player we don't have elsewhere. Keeping a close eye on him.

-Brunnstrom: As good as everyone says he is? No one knows until he comes to the NHL. Has potential, can't say he will be a top 6 forward for sure. Has upside, only been in the SEL for one season. Lots of potential. High end prospect, we are definitely pursuing him, along with other teams.

- Position in mind for '08 draft? Can't answer that, BPA! At some point in the draft, we'd like to re-stock the goalie situation since the cupboard is a bit bare with Price and Halak here.

- Emelin: Any news? Met with him in Kazan when he was at the U-18. He's a big boy, not tall but thick. Has another year left in Kazan, difficult to get him out of it. Most players don't want to rock the boat. I planted it in his head and his agent's head to not sign anymore contracts over there, lol.

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