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05-17-2004, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
dude this team does not need to tank a season to get sidney crosby. Do you know that crosby will be the next great player?
This team needs to make the playoffs because as i'm sure you know its been 7 years. I never said this team needs to sign big name free agents to make the playoffs. With the right free agent signings and the right coach the nucleas of a young contending playoff team is here. No team develops kids by throwing them to the fire with no veteran support. The Rangers will never be the pittsburgh penguins and have a team with all kids. i think if any fan expects the rangers to have a non-competive team is out of there mind. Don't be fooled by the trades that were made before the deadline. The goal of the rangers should be to win the stanley cup next season not lose on purpose to draft somebody that may be a bust. The rangers have the young talent to develop for the big team or trade for players to help the club.
why does the fact that it's been 7 years meen that we HAVE to make the playoffs next year? We've waited this long, we might as well wait a few more years and do a proper rebuilding process to ensure that we make the playoffs for many years to come. Your right in saying that it should be the organization's goal to win the stanley cup, but it would be impossible to reach taht goal next year, and trying to reach it next year will only impede the team's chances to do so in the future.

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