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05-17-2004, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
But see that's why the Devils are good. By getting finding that balance and doing their HW they made a great team. THAN they were able to go out and get guys like Gomez and Parise in the draft. That is a spoil of winning so to speak,you can take gambles and not shoot yourself in the foot.

As the Devils have proved, and as this years teams have proved, it's not always the team with the most talent that wins, it's the team with guys who complete a puzzle. It's always easier to turn a second liner and a third liner into a first a line player via a trade {When you have depth} than to turn a guy who "should have" first line potential into a proven first liner.

Colorado was a team filled with guys who "should" have each scored 50 goals, but they lost to a team whose leading scorer didn't break 60 points. That is exactly what I'm getting at and if Schremp and Radulov have shown {amonst other things} a difficult time being part of a team, than you have to worry that it defeats the entire purpose of what has carried teams like the Devils, the Ducks, the Sharks and the Flames to their respective results.
LIke I said, your point on risk and above with the Devs is a fair one. I was asked to rate the players not accessing team need, and I did. Schremp meshed fairly well with London - and I know Hunter likes him. Either way, opinions are just that.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on Wolski and Picard. 2-0 Calgary. Nice.

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