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04-25-2008, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Last night, I was driving back to Gatineau from a hockey practice (Longueuil), it was around 1: 30 AM. I was listening to CKAC, and they had one caller who admitted being one of the "leaders" of the rioters. He went on about what he called justified thrashing of police cars and businesses. He said that nobody got hurt or die, so it was acceptable. And added that businesses are run by hypocrits because they made money with the "free advertisement" they received from the press coverage (he mentionned Foot locker). He added that the businesses have insurances, so there's no problem there.

During the conversation, the guy sounded ABSOLUTELY in full control of himself.

It scared me, really. I had chills to think that some human beings around me think like psychopaths.
I love that argument. It's not like the bill doesn't come down to the consumer down the line, one way or another, when insurance company pay...

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