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04-25-2008, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Skybax View Post
Wow. Perfect example how somebody who doesn't get it. Scary.

1) Because so many gave the ultimate sacrifice so you could have what you have today.

2) The games and teams that represent the cities in North America are not in Europe, doesn't matter who the players are or where they are from, it's not about them.
I don't think you adress his point though. Why is a sporting event, the place to publically acknowledge those who have gone before ? Sports in many ways is where we go for escape.

My family, like many has lost people serving their country, but I don't use G1, Habs/Flyers as necessarily a place to honor them.

The anthem is about more than that. I agree that both of our countries, while falwed, deserve certain ammounts of respect, while both be open to criticism and protest. It's a ball game or a hockey game though, aren't you projecting here, just because it's always been done ?

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