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04-25-2008, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Wachovia Center View Post
I've heard about creatine, but what exactly is it and what does it do?
Its a weight gainer basically. There are differnt kinds of creatine, but the one I would suggest to start is in powder form its called monohydrate creatine. Within a week/week and a half, you will notice yourself rapidly gaining weight. I gained 15 pounds of muscle in 2 months on the stuff some years ago when I was 17. However is not all mucle, a lot of it is water wieght but it is still a gain. It is not bad for you or anything dont let anyone tell you it will mess up your liver or anything like that, its harmless to try for just once. I would also suggest eat as many protein rich foods as you can. We're talkin steak, fish, dairy, chicken, beans. If you live at home get your mom to buy more of these foods when she goes shopping! Gaining wiehgt isnt easy, but with dedication its easier...hope that helps.

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