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04-25-2008, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by anarmandaleb View Post
Look. I'm no Natey, but if anyone but Breezer had made that mistake people wouldn't be bashing him like this. I went on facebook after the game and like 80% of my Hab fan friends were bashing him in their status. What is wrong with everyone?
He made a mistake. If it were another player (Kovy, Hammer, Komi), we would all be defending him to the death.
I happen to like Breezer a lot, even if I think he sucks on the ice most of the time now. He's known to be a really nice guy and sometimes my heart goes out to him when I see him mess something up and he looks like he's gonna cry or when he scores and he's happier than Higgins is when one of his shots somehow doesn't hit the post.
So we should really see the positive here. He was making a backup goalie (who will probably only play these playoffs if Price gets seriously injured, gets ebola, or lets in 8 goals in one period), feel like part of the team because he knows how it feels to be left out.
The difference is Brisebois does it all the time. At least 3-4 turn overs a game, and he gets beaten a lot. Heck 2 mistakes he made almost cost us the game.

How anyone thinks he's good or likes him really defies any logic. God I'd rather have Halak or Danis playing D then Brisebois.

He's a leader, but not even a decent player. No one is questioning or arguing his character, it's his lack of skill on the ice.

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