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04-25-2008, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
...Uh... but see, to some of us, the anthem is actually more symbolic of American politics/politicians or foreign policy than it is of average Americans. Of course, as you say, that's the self-centred navel gazing viewpoint that totally overlooks the fact that average Americans love their anthem (a whole lot more than average Canadians love theirs) and maybe we should recognize and try to respect their anthem fetish. OR maybe the average Americans should try to recognize and respect that we don't see our booing as something that should offend them, but rather as a harmless form of protest against American politics/politicians or foreign policy, as it's (at least sometimes) intended.

From the archives of the dancing hot pepper, anyway.

Getting rid of the anthems would be easier.
Good ol BG, ever the Devil's Advocate.

I'm sure the people booing are dedicated political activists, likely a bunch of Greenpeace members on shore leave from Farley Mowat's boat. Naw, now that I think of it, that seems too convenient, almost apologetic for bad behavior. I can't shake the feeling that the culprits are more likely a collection of liquored up cement heads and jingoistic/self righteous imbeciles. Not that it matters, even if political protest was the true motivation for these people, I can scarcely think of a more tepid demonstration of disapproval.

Forget the political overtones (such as they are), why not focus on courtesy. Why give offence simply for that sake of giving offence? Why not quietly sip your beer, listen to your iPod or eat your hot dog during the anthems.

If they can't or won't bite their lips out of courtesy for our southern neighbors, then perhaps they'll do it for their fellow Canadians/Quebecers. Frankly, some of us are sick of apologizing for these yahoos like they’re our inbred cousin. The one who talks on his cell phone during movies or who parks in handicap spots when he runs into the convenience store for a carton of smokes.

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