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05-17-2004, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by rnyquist
I'll agree with you on Wolski, IMO he'd been such a let down this year. I had him as #6, and now, he could fall to 20 or even lower . He's big, but he plays like Poti when it comes to physical strength and all too often he was nill existent this year, scary when its his draft year.

As for the rangers, I don't know who they'll pick, because I don't know what they're looking for, i mean Brooks says Ladd, but i don't trust him as far as i can spit, and i don't believe, but players like Balej and Kondratiev bring about a euro game of speed and effort. In the end I think whoever we draft will be a surprise, i just hope they don't settle because of a fear of drafting a bust.

As for my analysis, I assure you i watch several full games on those prospect I mention, because I'd be a fool to watch highlights or read others opinions. If I only watched highlights i'm sure i could make even Dale Purinton look like a Norris.
Are you saying that Schremp is throwing big body checks out there? I think there are plenty of very good players in NHL that don't necesarily get involved physically much. As long as Wolski uses his big frame to shield of the defenders to make a play then that is fine with me.

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