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04-25-2008, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Sparepart View Post
Ahhh, guess I missed that. I probably figured it was a security check and skipped it. I'll get right on reading that,

And I agree with you, posting without taking-shots at each other is perfectly fine. I agree 100%

The only problem is... I've seen many fans get warned/banned for doing this EXACT thing (posting without taking-shots) (dont ask me to produce links to posts, my memory isnt that good). I've heard stories and seen posters be warned/banned simply because a moderator wanted them to "go back to their own board". Like I said, some more consistantcy would be nice... Do the moderators have to answer to anyone when they screw up? Is anyone monitoring the moderators? Is their a system to report bad moderating?

Listen, I'm not trying to give you any grief. Hfboards is a big place, its alot of work. I just want the quality of discussion to be the highest it can be.
Yes they do. And if we (Site Admins) find that a Mod is not making the right calls, said Mod is removed. It does happen. To report any Mod issue hit the *contact us* icon.

No different than some posters that simply don't get it get for whatever reason.
The fact that you as well as others that have been here since 2002 must have a clue otherwise you wouldn't be here.

I will say as we grow the job does become more challenging. In regard to quality control in all aspects. I view my job as trying to weed out the bad apples for the overall good of the rest. When provoked I weed hard.

I also think we should have fun. I like a good laugh more than anything. I think we also can do that.
Lastly, there are some on the Habs board that would be welcome at my door anyday. They know who they are. There are some on the Bruins board that would not. I judge a man by the depth of his character and not the colors of his team.


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