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04-25-2008, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Cam Neely View Post
Obviously I am in enemy territory but I have an honest question about Kovalev. This is not a troll Habs thread as I have a great deal of repsect for players like Koivu, Price and Kotsopolous to name a few. Hopefully the mods see the truth of this question, which is given to spark a hockey discussion.....

I see that some fans on the board don't know about Kovalev's past antics in the playoffs of faking injuries, quitting on plays, showing up when he feels like it, etc, etc...the kind of stuff that doesnt get you very far in the NHL except when you have amazing talent like Kovalev.

My question is this....besides the fact that he is an amazing player and having a great year for your team, do any of you who remember the old Kovalev ever wish just a small part of you that he was not on your team? In other words, do any of you dislike his past character enough to not want to cheer for him just a little bit?

I think it is similar in ways to Avery, who is much more of a jerk, I know---but would you cheer for Avery as soon as he put your team's jersey on even though you did not like his character?

Personally, I would find it extremely hard to cheer for someone like Avery or Kovalev given what I know of their character. I certainly would have a hard time stomaching the idea of seeing them raising a Stanley Cup while wearing my team's jersey. I'm just wondering if there are any Habs fans out there who feel the same way- I bet there are some.
I called the kovalev trade 4 years ago, 2 days before we got him i said he was gonna be a hab, i love the guy, and even through the **** season last year i knew he would bounce back, my all time favorite hab now = kovalev

Cam Neely Cups = 0

Alexei Kovalev Cups = 1 , soon to be 2!!

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