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04-25-2008, 07:47 PM
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The problem is the number of habs fan. However, it's not any of us' individual fault if habs fan are numerous.

I was there. Flyers fan started complaining against the number of habs fans, but every one I read was quite polite. I didN't see any trolling.
Actually, the first Flyers fan to complain even took issue at a thread started by a habs fan that was meant to say good luck and show some respect in total sportsmanship...

Where is the world at if you can't say good luck to your opponents? It's just a common way to be polite and show some respect.

Originally Posted by Gee Wally View Post

1 - this defines trolling :
We do not permit team forums to be used to demean/insult the fans of other teams. That is considered trolling. [...]
I'm a long-time lurker, recent poster.

I don't mean to criticize too much with this but I think that part of the rules could be enforced more severely.

Montreal is the oddity in the league for numerous reasons (language, passion of their fans, the media, etc.). Therefore, its fan base is often the subject of harsh comments. I've read on these boards a lot of BS and trash talks against habs fans, Quebec province, french people, Montreal, etc.

I understand that ignorance and cultural misunderstandings lead to these kind of things, but Quebecers are rather touchy regarding ignorant and prejudiced comments against them.

It is normal that if this rule is not enforced properly many of us will find it quite hard to refrain from explaining, informing and ultimately defending ourselves against these attacks.

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