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04-25-2008, 09:01 PM
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From a Flyers fan...

Don't sweat tonight's game. I think our teams are oddly in similar situations tonight. Our fans as well. We gave up a 2 goal lead to MON last night while you gave up a big lead as well tonight. Both of our teams lost. But behind all the bickering and ref blaming, which both of our fan bases seem to be doing right now, I think there is something that people aren't realising...

You can win this series. Tonight you showed that Fleury will at times falter. You exposed their defense. You showed that you can definitely score on them going up and down the ice. A lot of our fans had bad feelings going into the series with MON because of how we played them all year and because of how "fast" we knew they would be against our guys. We played them last night and while you could argue we should have won, we didn't. But after calming down a bit a lot of us realised that we were probably overworried about facing them. I was more worried with Backstrom, Ovechkin, and Semin coming down the ice in the first series than I was watching any of their players with the puck last night.

Both of our teams can win this round guys. I know after a loss we all have to steam the **** up but sit back and realise you were in complete control with a 3-0 lead at one point. That means something. And I'm sure every single player will know that and hear that from the coach going into game 2.

If you're wondering why a Flyers fan is coming in here and saying this well, it's simple. I'm a fan of hockey. How ****ing EPIC would a ECF's between Philly and NY be?! Wow.

Knuckle the **** up and just win boys! I'm out.

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