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04-25-2008, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadaIsHockey View Post
The NO PAYMENT NO INTEREST is a very comon promotion actually.
However make sure you inform yourself well before making the purchase... READ YOUR CONTRACT to make sure you are not signing for something you didn't want, AKA credit protection insurance, and other BS like that that will charge you a monthly % of your account balance.

Depending on the Province, there may be annual fees or administration fees, make sure you inform yourself well beforehand.

Also on most of these promotions, Taxes are NOT included, therefore you have to pay them upfront, if you don't then you will be charged interest on it and require to make small monthly payments. Do not disregard any payments owing as every 30 days that your late, it will put a hit on ur credit score.

Last thing, The Source is financed by "Shoppers", the store itself, if you finance will NOT accept the payments. Your payments have to be made to Shoppers directly either at 1 of their institutions, Online banking or by mail/check(avoid this).
This guy couldn't have said it any better.
I work at HSBC and we used to Finance "The Source" - what a ****** portfolio, suck to be Shoppers - Anyways I suggest you pay attention to every bill that comes in, and if it doesn't, well you better make sure it does because Quebec is the only province by law that requires a statement to be sent out every month

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