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04-26-2008, 09:27 AM
Mats NAslund
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Originally Posted by ruxpin View Post
Flyer fan.

I am more calm this morning. I didn't see CBC, but there was very clear replays on CSN that showed it above.

Also, it was a downward swing with the stick. He hit the puck and THEN the top of the crossbar with the follow-through. I don't understand how it would be physically possible to NOT be a high stick. When was the "war room" taken over by the Warren Commission?

The Richards' penalty was simply wrong, but not what a would call a horrible call. There was no contact with the knee and was 100% shoulder...a legal hit. But, I cannot fault either ref there. The game isn't played in slow motion, and I'm sure what it looked like to them. If they thought knee, you can't allow that. I don't care what the clock says, a knee is dangerous.

HOWEVER, let's be real. The "controversial" goal was even possible because of a botched Flyers play in the offensive end on the POWER PLAY (and also some really nice play by the Canadiens), and a really lame rebound by Biron (who otherwise played very well). And that puck goes in the net with or without "the touch." And Richards' penalty doesn't matter if the Flyer penalty-killers do their job and they put the right face-off guy out there (Dowd). I can't blame Carter--his stick broke--but, I don't think he was the right guy out there.

Bottom line is that the Canadiens won the game because their penalty kill was outstanding, they won the important faceoffs when they needed to, and they made an excellent play and shot at the end of regulation.

And overtime had nothing whatsoever to do with the refs, the war room, planet alignment, or anything else. Overtime was about a very good team showing why it is first seed.

Really good game. I'm looking forward to more.
I agree with you on a lot of things you say. But the Richards penalty may not have been a knee on knee but it was close and if you look at the replay it at least a trip as Richards stick is in between Kovalev's legs. Richards was beat on that play badly by a sweet Kovalev move.

I think both teams will come out hard and play a much better complete game. Montreal did gift two of the three goals to Philly. Goals 1 and 3, so I don't understand all the "Montreal was lucky to win" stuff I hear.

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