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05-18-2004, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by donelikedinner
a concussion in itself is not bad, its the severity and treatment that make the most. anyone whose had their bell rung and had a headache for a few hours has had a concussion. the brain can heal itself, but it needs proper time.

its a shame joni got this last concussion because he was starting to play the body and was willing to take a hit to make the play.

if the nhl wants to lower concussions, its simply a matter of new helmet design. just look at what the nfl has done with helmets in the last 10 years, what has the nhl done? zero.
Not true...manufacturers have made helmets better by using different types/combos of high density and low density impact foam for the padding in the helmet. The problem is, you're not going to get the veteran players to switch to newer style helmets. Remember that piece of foamless plastic that Gretzky used to wear?? they are just too comfortable wearing what they've been wearing their entire careers, they won't change.

as for Joni's concussions. you can't say this is his 3rd because the other 2 times he got his "bell rung" this year were never reported as concussions. if he would have had concussions earlier in the season, he would have missed more time than he did because you don't mess with concussions, especially in young kids in the regular season. Did his last hit look like a concussion? yeah, it certainly did and probably was, but this being the playoffs, they'll never tell us it was. but like I said, you can't assume that those other times were legit concussions.

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