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04-26-2008, 01:43 PM
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OT: Natey2k4's Re-Draft Specials - 1989 -

* I'm going to be doing re-drafts back to somewhere in the early 40's. This was posted in another thread, but I thought I'd post it on the main page in-case some people missed it and because I decided to do all drafts.

* Each draft takes quite a bit of time to do, so hopefully if you give feedback, it's not to bash, but to debate. Thanks!


* Please note that you can argue the 2nd rounders all you want, but they can mostly flip flop around a few places. I just did it to see where I felt a few young guys would place. Feedback always welcome.

* Players in bold have stayed the same or moved up in my eyes. Players not in bold have moved down.

1. Patrice Brisebois-------> originally: 30th

Never mind, the rest of the list is not important..............

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