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04-26-2008, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by the_speedster View Post
The results:-

The one90 came in and I've played with it in about three scrimmages so far. The kick is as crazy as advertised. I'm not a big slap shooter but its definately added a distinct "sting" to my shot. Took me about till the third scrimmage to adjust to the difference in balance and kick (I had alot of shanked shots before then)... Its not to bad for stickhandling (As its pretty light) so I can definately see it as a power play stick (I play the point usually)

The XXX stick is dare I say,.. ORGASMIC... I felt like I owed it dinner after our first "outing". Its weght and response are exactly what I like (plus I can get off a pretty quick wrist or snap shot.. which is more my bag than the slapper). I definately won't be slap shooting too much with it as I can tell it seems pretty fragile (not fragile in the sense that its in danger of breaking on me immediately... but when I took a few slappers it didn't seem to respond too well to the increase in pressure (not sure if that made sense)

ANyway just wanted to let you guys know what the results were.... I'm probably going to favor the XXX (till it dies) I can tell (need to look online for some more... don't think they're being produced anymore)


Oh.. anyone know if the "tacki mac" and "blade shark" pads (I ordered to get to the free shipping "level", )but are yet to arrive, are any good?
Well, i only know one person who used the tacki mac blade strip for ice hockey they like it, it dosent come off easy, and its still gripy for knabbing the puck, dosent let the puck slide very easly. i and many of the guys on my inline team use it, for inline its real good, actully tis grea, hope this helps.

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