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05-18-2004, 11:45 AM
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Let's get ahead of ourselves: Crosby

All right. Habs fan here. I know this is slightly (understatement) premature talks, but both our teams are eliminated so this is fantasy time.

We ended up on the Habs board discussing the possibility to land Crosby next year in the draft to get that long awaited franchise center for years to come.

Now just pure speculation here, but if Pittsburgh won the lottery next year for the 1st overall (the topic isn't about whether or not it'll happen), would you guys consider trading the pick in a Lindros type deal?

I'm saying this because knowing you'll get your franchise center, and a mighty good one I could add, in Malkin, maybe the team could be interested in moving Corsby to fill virtually all the remaining holes in the team and become instant playoff contenders, if not more, to boost the revenues (both from attendance and with playoff money) and have a chance to save the franchise. So let's talk Habs-Pens trade here for a sec.

I proposed on the Habs board something along those lines:

-2 1st rounders (2005 + 2006)
-Maybe a bit of cash (like 5M) to pay part of those players' salary for the 1st year.

Would this look interesting for the Pens? If not, what kind of tweaking would be necessary? What are the biggest weaknesses of this team after Malkin is drafted? I assumed a #2 offensive center, some goal scoring help along with a top Dman were the biggest. Am I off?

This is all in good fun of course as there's very little chance for this scenario to happen but it's a beautiful dream for Habs fans, and it might spark some interest on this side of the fence too, so I'd like to have your opinions.


Edit: little typo in the title. If a mod was kind enough...

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