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04-26-2008, 10:16 PM
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After losing weight

Hey guys, this is the closest part we have to a health-forum, a lot of weight specific things go in here so I figured I'd ask a couple of these questions in here.

I just lost 120 pounds in 7 months, and began skating again, everything feels 10x better, however my skates are to big for my feet...i spent a good amount of cash on these skates and don't want to go buy new ones, is there anyway to get the sides of the skates to get closer to my feet so its tighter? I know skate baking is an option...

Also, Im a 21 year old guy, with a great head of hair, however after losing the weight so fast, im starting to notice some of my hair is starting to get there a relation to the weightloss and the hairloss?

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